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How to Start an SMMA Business

What is an SMMA?

SMMA stands for social media marketing agency. An SMMA is a business that offers social media marketing services to clients. This includes managing social media accounts, creating content, running ads, and analyzing performance.

Why Start an SMMA?

Starting an SMMA can be a great business opportunity for several reasons:

High demand

Many businesses need help with their social media but don’t have the expertise in-house. This creates a huge demand for social media marketing services.

Low startup costs

Unlike other types of agencies, SMMAs can be started with very little startup capital. You don’t need office space, inventory, or even many tools.

Flexible lifestyle

SMMAs allow you to work remotely and set your own schedule. This is appealing to many millennials and digital nomads.

Profitable and scalable

SMMAs can be very profitable, with some generating over $1 million per year. They are also scalable, allowing you to take on more clients as you grow.

How to Start an SMMA

If starting an SMMA sounds appealing, follow these steps to get started:

Research the market

Conduct keyword research to identify high-demand services. Look at what existing agencies offer and determine gaps you can fill.

Create a business plan

Your plan should cover your niche, ideal clients, services, processes, tools, financial projections, and more.

Choose your business structure

Most SMMAs start as sole proprietorships or LLCs for liability protection. You’ll need to register your business.

Set up your website

Your website will be your digital storefront. Pick a domain name, design the site, and provide key information about your services.

Establish your brand

Define your brand visual identity and tone. Create branded assets like your logo, color palette, and templates.

Offer your services

Start marketing your services through your website, social media, cold outreach, networking, etc. Offer free consultations.

Deliver for early clients

Go above and beyond for your first clients to get testimonials, reviews, and referrals to fuel growth.


Starting an SMMA provides an exciting and profitable entrepreneurial opportunity. Do thorough research, create a plan, establish your brand, market aggressively, and over-deliver for clients. If you execute well, you can build a successful and thriving social media marketing agency.

Choosing a Niche

When starting your SMMA, it’s important to choose a niche, at least initially. Some options include:

Industry focused

Target clients in a specific industry like dentistry, real estate, law firms, etc. You can tailor services to that industry.

Service focused

Specialize in one service like social media ad management or influencer marketing.

Ideal client focused

Target a buyer persona like startups, small businesses, enterprises, etc.

Picking a niche helps establish expertise, focus your marketing, and cater your services. You can expand into multiple niches once established.

Setting Your Rates

When starting out, it’s tempting to set rates low to win clients. Avoid this race to the bottom pricing. Instead:

Research industry rates

Factor in rates charged by competitors so you don’t undervalue yourself.

Calculate your costs

Account for your time and overhead expenses, and add a profit margin.

Consider the value you provide

If you get great results, you can command higher prices.

Offer packages

Bundled service packages tend to offer more value than hourly rates.

Revisit your rates as you gain experience. Don’t be afraid to increase them over time.

Tools You’ll Need

Some essential tools for your SMMA include:

Social media management tools

Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Sendible, etc. to manage multiple accounts.

Graphic design software

Canva, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc. to create visual assets.

Analytics platforms

Google Analytics, Sprout Social, etc. to demonstrate campaign performance.

Productivity software

GSuite, Trello, Asana, etc. to streamline workflows.

Email marketing software

Mailchimp, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, etc. to automate campaigns.

There are many affordable tools out there for SMMAs on a budget. Integrate them for maximum efficiency.

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