Graduate Marketing Programs

Considering a Graduate Degree in Marketing?

A graduate degree in marketing can be a great way to advance your career in the marketing field. Getting an advanced degree shows your dedication to the profession and deepens your knowledge and skills. There are several types of graduate marketing degrees to consider.

MBA with Marketing Concentration

Many students pursuing an MBA choose to concentrate their studies on marketing. An MBA provides a well-rounded business education while allowing you to hone in on marketing. Coursework covers topics like market research, consumer behavior, brand management, advertising, and more. An MBA with a marketing focus combines business acumen with marketing expertise.

Pursuing an MBA is a big commitment, usually requiring two years of full-time study. However, many MBA programs offer part-time and online options. An MBA from an accredited business school is one of the most versatile master’s degrees. The business skills gained apply to many industries and career paths.

MS in Marketing

Students who want to concentrate completely on marketing can pursue a Master of Science (MS) in Marketing. This specialized degree focuses entirely on high-level marketing skills and knowledge. Coursework is targeted to topics like digital marketing strategy, marketing analytics, public relations, consumer psychology, and marketing leadership.

An MS in Marketing typically takes 1-2 years to complete depending on whether you study full-time or part-time. Some programs may include internship opportunities or capstone projects applying your skills to real-world cases. This degree is ideal for furthering your marketing career.

Master of Marketing

Another option is a Master of Marketing (MM) degree. This is a similar specialized master’s degree that focuses solely on the marketing discipline. Course topics are targeted to developing leadership marketing skills. Subjects may include things like advanced marketing management, integrated marketing communications, qualitative research methods, and services marketing.

The MM degree aims to prepare students for leadership roles in marketing. It can be a fast-track option, sometimes lasting only 9-12 months. The Master of Marketing degree has become more popular in recent years, offered by top business schools. It provides comprehensive training in contemporary marketing practices.

Other Degree Options

Beyond the mainstays of MBA, MS, and MM, there are other potential graduate marketing degrees. Specialized options include a Master of Science in Digital Marketing, Master of Advertising, MS in Customer Analytics, Master of Branding, and more. There are also marketing-focused degrees in communications, media, and technology.

Some universities allow you to customize your graduate marketing studies across multiple disciplines. There are infinite possibilities to mix marketing with another field like information technology, graphic design, public relations, tourism management, and so on. Explore all the creative options at universities near you.

Choosing the Best Program

When selecting a graduate marketing program, there are a few key factors to consider:

– Accreditation and reputation – Seek an accredited school with respected marketing faculty and alumni.

– Curriculum – Make sure courses match your interests and career goals. Look for updated content on latest marketing trends.

– Cost – Balance program quality and affordability. Many schools offer scholarships and financial aid.

– Location/format – Determine your preference for in-person or online education. Decide if you want to study locally or travel for school.

– Experience – Programs that provide internships, consulting projects, or other experiential learning provide a leg up.

– Career support – Look for schools with robust career placement services to help you land top marketing jobs.

With diligent program evaluation, you can find the ideal graduate marketing degree to invest in. The specialized skills and knowledge gained will make you stand out in the job market. A graduate marketing degree can help you reach the next level as an innovative marketing leader.

Diving Deeper into the MBA

Top MBA Concentrations

Beyond a general marketing concentration, MBA students can focus on specific areas like digital marketing, marketing analytics, brand management, or product management. Selecting a niche concentration allows you to build deeper skills.

MBA Admissions Requirements

Earning admission into a top MBA program can be competitive. You will need an outstanding undergraduate GPA, high GMAT/GRE scores, strong letters of recommendation, and proven work experience on your resume. Polish your application to stand out.

MBA Networking Opportunities

An MBA program offers invaluable networking with your peers and professors. These connections provide a community you can tap into throughout your career. Many schools also have influential alumni networks.

Unique Offerings in MS Marketing Programs

Specialized Tracks

Some MS in Marketing programs allow you to select a specialized track to align with your career goals. Tracks may include digital marketing, marketing research, brand management, integrated marketing communications, and more.

Marketing Analytics Focus

Marketing analytics and data analysis are essential skills. Many MS in Marketing programs integrate heavy coursework in statistics, analytics, modeling, metrics, and dashboard creation.

Marketing Technology Tools

Cutting-edge MS in Marketing programs will expose you to current technologies. You may learn platforms like Salesforce, Google Analytics, Tableau, R, and more.

Benefits of a Master of Marketing

Current Knowledge

The MM curriculum focuses on contemporary marketing issues and tactics. The degree emphasizes staying on the pulse of marketing innovations.

Soft Skill Development

Programs emphasize applied skills like leadership, emotional intelligence, storytelling, creating presentations, and more.

Shorter Timeline

For those seeking specialized training in a compact timeframe, the 9-12 month MM degree can be very appealing. You gain an accelerated boost to your marketing profession.

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