Fedex Business Cards

The Importance of Business Cards for FedEx Employees

An Overview of FedEx Business Cards

Business cards serve an important purpose for employees at major corporations like FedEx. They allow workers to share contact information and identify themselves as representatives of the company. FedEx business cards typically feature the company’s logo, colors, and other brand elements. This helps associate the card holder with the FedEx brand.

Information on a standard FedEx business card includes the employee’s name, job title, phone number, email address, and office location. Some cards also list department names or additional contact info. The consistent design and professional printing of FedEx cards lend them an authoritative air.

Why FedEx Employees Need Business Cards

There are several key reasons why FedEx employees from executives to drivers need their own business cards:


Business cards facilitate networking between FedEx employees and external contacts. Cards can be exchanged at industry events, sales calls, and other interactions. This enables connections to be easily maintained even if parties met briefly.


The FedEx brand has an outstanding reputation. When employees share FedEx cards, it associates them with that reputation and lends them credibility. The recipient will recognize the FedEx name and perceive the card holder as a professional representative.

Customer Service

During customer service interactions, FedEx employees can hand out business cards to put customers at ease. It provides a personal touch and contact info for any future questions. This strengthens the customer relationship.


FedEx business cards project a polished, professional image. Employees are seen as businesslike representatives of a major corporation. The card design reflects the workflows, systems, and corporate oversight backing the employee.

Key Business Card Etiquette for FedEx Employees

There are some key etiquette tips FedEx employees should follow when using business cards:

– Keep cards clean and crisp. Don’t hand out bent, smudged, or outdated cards.

– Offer your card to new contacts. Don’t wait for them to request it.

– Accept cards offered to you and carefully put them away. Don’t glance once and discard.

– Include cards in mailed FedEx documents when appropriate.

– Never write on a card someone gives you.

Following basic etiquette helps FedEx employees make a good impression and represent the company well. Business cards are small but powerful tools.


Business cards may seem simple, but they serve many essential functions. FedEx employees need them to properly identify themselves, build relationships, interface with customers, exchange contact info, and ultimately do their jobs well. With a consistently professional design and proper etiquette, FedEx business cards enable employees to connect, inform, and impress.

Additional Benefits of FedEx Business Cards

Brand Awareness

FedEx business cards help increase overall brand awareness whenever employees distribute them. Recipients are exposed to the FedEx logo, color scheme, and other brand elements. This drives recognition and familiarity with the company.


In a sense, FedEx business cards serve as mini advertisements. They showcase the FedEx brand and some of its services. The more cards employees hand out, the more visibility and mindshare FedEx gains.

Reinforcing Image

The professional design of FedEx cards presents the image the company wants to convey – reliable, prompt, and courteous. The card becomes a physical reminder of this desired image.

Maximizing the Impact of FedEx Business Cards

Strategic Distribution

FedEx employees should think strategically about who they give cards to and in what situations. Key targets include new contacts in the logistics industry, existing/potential customers, vendors, partners, and influencers.

Memorable Presentation

A business card exchange should be handled memorably if possible. Make eye contact, smile, and provide context on who you are and FedEx’s services. This ties the card to a positive interaction.

Follow Up and Referrals

Don’t let exchanged cards sit idle. Follow up with contacts through email or calls. Ask satisfied customers to pass your card along to associates who could use FedEx services.

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